In 2016, Bill Flanigan was appointed by the governor to the West Virginia House of Delegates to fill a vacant seat. And what he saw in Charleston shocked him. Swarming with lobbyists and special interest groups, he wondered just whose interest is really being served in our state capitol?

When you send Bill back to the House of Delegates, he’ll fight for West Virginia and the Northern Panhandle, and he’ll never stop working for you.

He’ll fight for lower taxes. It’s your money, not the government’s. And he’ll fight for less regulation to make it easy to do business and create jobs.

He’ll fight for an increase in teachers’ salaries to make them competitive with neighboring states.

He’ll fight to protect women’s spaces, banning biological men from women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and athletic competitions.

He’ll fight to end the drug crisis, with a plan that includes strong action in law enforcement, treatment and recovery, prevention, and re-entry.

And he’ll fight to stop government corruption by championing ethics reform and push hard for greater transparency in government.

District 4 lost a great leader when Erikka Storch resigned the seat. We need someone to take her place championing the working men and women of West Virgina. Someone who shares our values. Someone who will be OUR VOICE IN CHARLESTON!

Lower Taxes2024-03-18T16:12:59-04:00

I believe that low taxes create economic growth and prosperity, which leads to increased revenue. Individuals and businesses deserve a fairer and simpler tax system. They know best how to spend their own money and they should get to keep more of it. We need to provide tax and economic incentives to attract new business and jobs and encourage the growth of our existing ones.

Cut Government Regulation2024-03-21T10:04:57-04:00

We impose too many regulations and needless hurdles on our businesses. We need to become more business-friendly and enact laws that make it easy to do business and create jobs in West Virginia, while ensuring that our workers and the environment are protected.

Cut Government Spending2024-03-21T10:04:31-04:00

Our state government is inefficient and wastes money. The Legislature has been entrusted with the people’s money. It should be spent wisely—on needs, not wants. We must cut wasteful spending!

Invest In Infrastructure2024-03-18T16:13:24-04:00

Roads, bridges and schools are a gateway to jobs and prosperity. They are an investment in our future. I will work for a solid, modern infrastructure that provides the roads and bridges needed to facilitate commerce, as well as an education system that produces a motivated and highly trained workforce.

Increase Teachers’ Salaries2024-03-18T16:13:34-04:00

West Virginia needs more than 1,700 teachers because of classroom vacancies, and the problem is especially bad in specialized areas such as math, science and special education. Annual average teacher salaries in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland are $15-20,000 or more compared to West Virginia. I strongly believe our teachers should be paid more, and I will work hard to bring teachers’ salaries to a competitive level with neighboring states.

Protect Women’s Spaces2024-03-18T16:13:44-04:00

I believe that women and girls’ private and competitive spaces should be protected by law. As a society, I feel we should show compassion for Transgender persons suffering from gender dysphoria and related mental health issues. But I strongly believe that biological men identifying as women should not be allowed in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, nor should they compete in women and girls’ sports. I will always stand with West Virginia women. 

Pro-Gun Rights2024-03-18T16:14:05-04:00

The Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution is sacrosanct—not just the popular ones, but all of them! I will always be on the side of law-abiding gun owners and will fight to preserve our 2nd Amendment rights.

Support State Troopers2024-03-18T16:14:12-04:00

The brave men and women of the West Virginia State Police put their lives on the line every day. And yet, they’re underpaid and not fully provided with the tools and resources they need to do their job. I will fight for higher pay, and much-needed investments in protective equipment, enhanced training, and a comprehensive mental health and wellness program. And I will push for stronger penalties for crimes against all law enforcement and first responders. 

End Illegal Drug Crisis2024-03-18T16:14:18-04:00

West Virginia is facing an existential threat in the form of the sale and abuse of opioids, fentanyl, and other illegal drugs. These drugs destroy lives and contribute to crime, homelessness, human trafficking, poverty, and child abuse. I will fight for a comprehensive plan to end this crisis that includes action in the areas of law enforcement, treatment and recovery, prevention, and re-entry.  

Stop Government Corruption2024-03-18T16:14:26-04:00

Charleston is swarming with lobbyists—nearly 400 of them registered for the 2024 legislative session. When lobbyists outnumber the members of the state legislature by nearly 3 to 1, you must ask the question, whose interests are really being served? I will fight corruption by championing ethics reform, push for greater transparency in government, and I will drain the Charleston swamp!



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